Instruction for applying your FireFlex Vinyl


Before doing anything please read through the how to apply instructions. We know nobody likes reading the instructions but we promise we kept them brief.


  • Clean the back of your device, make sure there is no dust or dirt. 
  • Wash your hands, grease on your hands as well as on your device can stop the vinyl sticking correctly.
  • Lie your phone screen side down on a flat surface. Peel the vinyl from its backing, making sure that you don’t pull or stretch the vinyl especially any narrow parts as this will misshape it.
  • Take your time with this next part! Holding the vinyl on its edges, use the device’s camera or logo to line yourself up. Once you feel you are lined up correctly, use your finger to press the vinyl down. Work from the middle pushing any trapped air bubbles out until you have worked all the way around.
  • Some of the thicker vinyls will need the assistance of a hairdryer/heatgun to help with the sticking. Devices like HTC one M8 and iphone 6 will require heat.  Being careful not to burn any fingers move up and down any edges and over crinkles, using your finger to smooth and guarantee a secure stick.
  • If there are any bubbles still trapped, grab yourself a credit card or something similar and use it to draw out the bubbles to the edge of the vinyl.
  • Now you are all done we hope you enjoy showing off your new FireFlex vinyl.